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Mustang, Bronco, and Pony

Age Rang Breakdown

2020 Baseball League Age Key

  Grades (approx.) Begining Birthday Ending Birthday
MUSTANG  3rd/4th 9/1/09 8/31/11
BRONCO 5th/6th 9/1/07 8/31/09
PONY  7th/8th 9/1/05 8/31/07
COLT 9th/10th 9/1/03 8/31/05
PALAMINO  11+ 9/1/01 8/31/03


BYBL Mustang Division: Ages 9 and 10

Resident: $217 : Non-Resident $225
Price includes Fundraising Fee ($60) and BAC Fee ($7/$15)

The Mustang division is intended for 9 and 10-year-old players that want to take the next step after playing in our Pinto division or Coach-Pitch. Children will enhance what they have already learned in the Pinto Division and integrate it into a more competitive and faster-paced environment. The base path is adjusted to 60 ft. for this age player, and they pitch from 46 ft. The Mustang Division is still intended to be an instructional league, but season standings are kept and there is post-season play resulting in a Mustang champion.

Similar to our Pinto Division, all players have equivalent playing time, and rules are in place for younger pitchers to allow them an opportunity as well. In Mustang, children can expect to play approximately 14 games + Tournament each spring season and all games are completed prior to the 4th of July, leaving family summer vacations intact. Uniforms are provided: jersey and cap.

All Mustang games are played right here in Bolingbrook. This too is a fun age for children's baseball as they continue to develop and refine baseball skills and learn to "think" the game of baseball.

BYBL Bronco Division: Ages 11 and 12

Resident: $227 : Non-Resident $235
Price includes Fundraising Fee ($60) and BAC Fee ($7/$15)

The Bronco Division is for the 11 and 12-year-old children looking to build on their baseball experience. Leadoffs, the sacrifice bunt, and hit and run plays are all a part of the Bronco division. Players also get the chance to play on a larger diamond (70 ft bases) for that big-league feel and pitch from 48 ft. Coaches at this level refine the baseball skills and fundamentals of the players without losing sight of the main objective - to have fun. Children can expect to play approximately 14-16 games + Tournament each spring season. Uniforms are provided: jersey and cap.

BYBL Pony Division: Ages 13 and 14

Resident: $237 : Non-Resident $245
Price includes Fundraising Fee ($60) and BAC Fee ($7/$15)

The Pony division is for the 13 and 14-year-old interested in enjoying a season rich with baseball and healthy competition. The Pony Division is fun and exciting and played the way baseball is meant to be played. This is real baseball. Leadoffs, stealing bases, bunting, hit and run plays, and pick-offs are just some of the nuances of the game at this level. Games are played on the same size fields as a middle school at this age (80ft bases), with a 54 ft. mound. Children can expect to play approximately 14-16 games + Tournament each spring season. Uniforms are provided: jersey and cap.



A late fee of $25.00 will be charged to any Mustang player registering after the close date of Sunday, February 9th.  A $25.00 late fee will be charged to any Bronco or Pony player registering after the close date of Sunday, February 16th.

Those registering prior to 11:59 pm on Saturday, January 11th will receive a $20.00 early bird discount

League age is based on how old the player is on August 31, 2020

The Registration "Mustang, Bronco, and Pony" is not currently available.

Kids 8 and under

Hello BYBL Families,

As you complete the registration process, you will notice a $60.00 per player fundraising fee built into your registration costs. This fundraiser was implemented to help support the much-needed field improvements in 2019 and beyond. Our amazing field maintenance volunteers have worked tirelessly over this last year overhauling these fields to give your child a better playing experience but there is much more that needs to be done.

Below are a few examples of the improvements we are looking to make:

* Laser-grade and add amendments to infield skins for playability, safety, and proper drainage

*Rebuild pitching mounds to proper heights/grades

*Add dugout tarp covers to fields 2 & 4

*Install semi-permanent bat racks in dugouts

*Repair any inconsistencies in the playing field

Last year was the first year in several years since we have required our families to participate in a fundraiser. Unfortunately, the registration fees alone, which have remained consistent, are not enough to make our fields great. We need your help.

For $60.00 per child, each child will receive 12 raffle tickets. Ideally, you should sell each raffle ticket for $5 to recoup the $60.00 but it's completely up to you. You may choose to keep them for yourself.  The raffle will take place on All-Star Day in June and winners don't need to be present.

There will be more information to follow as to how and when the raffle tickets will be distributed to your child and a list of potential prizes will be available soon. Please continue to check our website at and/or follow us on Facebook at Bolingbrook Youth Baseball League for updates.

B.A.C. fee:

The Bolingbrook Athletic Council (B.A.C.) encompasses nine volunteer youth sports organizations. The Council, through the Park District, is responsible for coordinating between its member organizations, facility and field usage, and coach's certifications. It serves as an advisory board in matters of youth sports. Each B.A.C. organization is independent of the Bolingbrook Park District and is financially self-sufficient. 

Any child who participates in any of the B.A.C. programs is assessed a participation fee. While I can't speak to any of the other programs, for BYBL, this fee is used to offset the cost of the field lights, concession stand lights, water, electricity, etc. If you are a Bolingbrook resident the fee is $7.00. If you are a non-resident it is $15.00.

If you'd like more information about the B.A. C. please visit

As always, thank you for your support!

Chris Tamburrino
BYBL President

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