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All-Star Sunday

All-Star Sunday

All-Star Weekend

Date: June 9, 2019


10 am Home Run Derby on Field 3

Prior to the game(s) please EVERYONE meet on Field 3 before the games to sing the National Anthem

Approx. 12:30 pm All-Star Games - Immediately following the HR Derby
Pinto on Field 4
Mustang on Field 3
Bronco on Field 1
Pony on Field 5

Concessions will be open for both the HR DERBY and ALL-STAR GAMES so come hungry.  We will even have a grill going!

Bronco All-Stars

Coach Jim Wies


Austin Govoni

Pharrell Weekly

Scott Nessinger )

Tommy Brown

Henry Halfar

Dom Anemone 

JJ Stokes

Daniel Combs 

CJ Pryzbski 

JJ Stanek

Payton Knox

Evan Cazares 

Alec Berger 

Jason Godwin Jr

Coach John Orr


Omarian Carter

Jason Skeate

Connor Orr

Cody Ramey 

Paul Nicoletti 

Ryan Espinoza

Quin Paprokas

Jacob Villas 

Kyle Minelli

Chaz Swinarksi

Sebastian DiPietro

Michael Patacil

Colton VanBuren

Ethan Libel 


Pony All-Stars

Jonny Lee 
Jaden Bedoya
Tavarez Edwards 
Fernando Sosa 
Dylan Miller 

Austin DeMers
Connor Hennessy
Danny VanTholen
Brian Skeate
Peyton Barborek

Ryan Witt
Ben White

Connor Tynan

Adrian Hernandez 
Noah Bagby 

Jordan Gozum
Jason Hufnagle
Tre Przybylski 
Kris Kravcik
Zaki Howell 

Zachary Spengler
Kyle Zehme
Josh Seidel
Sophia Sanchez 
Jacob Pfeiffer


Mustang All-Stars

National League Team:

Cooper Przybylski

Landon Vaughn 

Vincie Scorsone

Colin Ogden

Jayden Chochola

Peyton Simon 

Jayvyn Gray

Tristan Morgan

Jackson klein

Alex Plzak

Jaiden German

Anthony Nunez

Gavin White

Nate Stanzek


American League Team:

Greyson Wargo

Logan Skeate

Joey Dascola

Kevin Killins

Nickolas Bridges

Curtis stubbs

Lucas zito

Evan kopacka

Noah Paprockas 

Nicholas Doody

Payton Bowen

Justin Wilson

Joshua Pikin 

Jonathan Figueroa


Pinto All-Stars

National League Team:


Joshua Hunter

Ayden Perez

Jordan Green

Brady Kantorski

Joseph Harris, Jr.

Conner Ogden

Donnovan Dykstra

Grayson Bridges

Ian Stoehrmann

Jack Koven


American League Team:


Sebastian partida 

Salvador solis

Duncan Wickert 

Cruz Terriquez 

Finn McDermott 

Angelo Jucha

Jimmy Egner

Ryan Glim

Johnny Romanelli

Aj Parton


Home Run Derby

Pinto NO PINTO HR Derby
Mustang x 2 players per team (one 9yr old & one 10yr old) {x9 teams} = 18 kids
Bronco x 2 players per team (one 11yr old & one 12yr old) {x7 teams} = 14 kids
Pony x 2 players per team (one 13yr old & one 14yr old) {x5 teams} = 10 kids
=42 total kids

Mustang will go first and complete the contest, then Bronco and end with Pony.
 (5) OUTS per HR DERBY participant pitched by Pony commissioner Geoff Peterson. 

Outs are:

  • Swing and misses

  • Called strike(s)

  • Any ball hit that does not go over the fence

HR contest will consist of (2) ROUNDS in some cases *(1) ROUND.

A parent (volunteer in the outfield) will mark the furthest hit ball (where it lands on a fly – not where it ends up after rolling on the ground) for each player (only 1 mark is needed per player = furthest mark).  If a ball is hit out of the park (HR) obviously no need to mark the out of the park distance.

IF no ball is hit out of the park (HR) then the top 2 distance players go to round #2.  Other players are eliminated.

*If a player hits one out of the park (HR) in round 1, that player can stop hitting as they will be automatically placed in the next (2nd) round.  If no other batter hits a HR in round #1 then said player would win the HR contest without needing around 2.  Said player can hit again in round 2 even though he already won Derby.

IF multiple players hit HRs out of the park then all HR players advance to the 2nd round. IF no one hits a HR in this 2nd round the contestant with furthest hit ball will win (parent in the field “marking” furthest distance(s))

After the home run contest is complete, we will begin the
ALL STAR games at approximately 1230

Pony Home Run Derby

Teams 13u 14u
Giants Fernando Sosa Brandon Ellingsworth
White Sox Erik Henderson Caleb Jones
Cubs Julian Melo Connor Tynan
Mariners Austin Carthan Austin DeMers
Tigers Sophia Sanchez Markus Gallegos



Teams 11u 12u


Scott Nessinger James Coclasure
Rockies Mark Stanich Cody Ramey
Red Sox Boru O'Brien Jason Godwin Jr.
Royals Jacob Villas Kyle Minelli
Angels Antonio Jucha Chaz Swinarski
A's   Danny Combs
Astros Tanner Swaz  CJ Pryzbski

Mustang Home Run Derby

Team 9u 10u
White Sox Mason Boone Chase Williams
Nationals Vincenzo Lampignano Nate Stanzek
Res Sox Evan Stoehrmann Ty Ramey
Yankee Bennett Paige  Jacob  Salonas
Pirates Connor Clarke  
Orioles Nat Schriedel  Oliver Vadasseril
Padres Christopher Glenn Gavin Boker
Cubs Riley Hoag Jimmy Rangel
A's Donovan Leon

Pinto No HR Derby