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BYBL 2020 Update 5/28/2020

By BYBL, 05/28/20, 1:00PM CDT


Hello BYBL Families,

This is a lengthy, but very detailed email. So please read through all of it.

*If you have already made the decision to NOT participate for this season, then please disregard this letter.

We will have more information about refunds in a separate email. We won’t be making any refunds available until after we have a better handle on the number of people that plan on playing. For those expecting refunds, we will not forget about you so please be patient.

The following items detailed in Phase 3: RECOVERY of the Restore Illinois Plan have been taken into careful consideration in developing BYBL’s next step for the 2020 Spring season.
Gatherings: All gatherings of 10 people or fewer are allowed with this limit subject to change based on latest data & guidance
Outdoor recreation: State parks open; Activities permitted in groups of 10 or fewer with social distancing

We anticipate modified practices to start approximately 6/8/2020 (TBD), based on Illinois officially moving into Phase 3: RECOVERY, and discussion/review with the Bolingbrook Park District and among all of the coaches to make sure these safety guidelines are prepared for and followed on-field.

Along with common sense, here is how BYBL will start to return to baseball:

•Optional small group practices may be held. No more than 10 per group. These are optional and your child will not be punished if they miss some practices. But as you know, practice and repetition are key factors in any sport, so attendance is encouraged but not mandatory.

•Coaching staff led practices will consist of 2 to 3 separate stations for drills and instruction. Each station would be physically distanced to maintain small, separate groups. (number of stations will be determined by coaches to maintain groups smaller than 10, based on player attendance).

•Players should not mix through stations. Meaning each group (of 10 or less) would stay together for that practice.

•Coaches would hold no more than 3 practices per week for any particular team.

•Each practice should not exceed 2 hours in duration.

•No food of any kind will be allowed at practices or games. That includes, but is not limited to, seeds, snacks, gum, etc....

•Prior to arriving at practice, it is the parents/players' responsibility to make sure each player’s water bottle clearly displays their name. Water bottles will remain with each player's equipment/bag in their designated “gear area” at all times. Individual player’s assigned “gear area” will be distanced 6’+ from any other player’s designated “gear area” to maintain separation during water breaks. We are also not allowing Gatorade drink or any other prepackaged bottled drinks. We don’t want the bottles getting mixed up with other players’ bottles. So a CLEARLY marked bottle that is kept in a players’ bag is the easiest way to make sure they don’t get mixed up.

•Players will be responsible for hand-washing (sanitizing) at their discretion before, during, and after practices.

•If your child is even remotely sick, doesn’t feel well, or has a temperature, you will need to stay home and not participate until it is safe.

•Coaches will sanitize league-provided catcher’s gear and limit the amount of catchers during practice whenever possible. No other player will be allowed to use another player’s personally owned catcher’s gear.

•There will be absolutely no equipment sharing between players. (other than possibly league-provided catcher’s gear, which will be sanitized between uses).

•If choosing to stay for practice, parents will be encouraged to stay in the car, or at least 30’ from any practice group (and distance from each other).

•Within each small group, 6’ social distancing will be maintained whenever possible.

Once we get to “Phase 4”, we will be allowed to resume games. Based on the current trends (subject to change) we anticipate having time for a 6 week season, consisting of approximately 12-16 games. Clearly, none of us know when exactly “Phase 4” will begin. Could potentially be towards the end of June/ beginning of July, so for now, that is what we are planning towards.

As we did with the practice guidelines/rules, we are continuously developing and adapting potential rules/methods for how games would be played (and managing crowds at the fields/facilities) following the guidelines set by CDC and Illinois Health Dept. Prior to distributing/finalizing those rules, we are waiting for additional guidance from our Umpire service in order to incorporate any specific items/adjustments that we/they will be enforcing. What we do know is that many of the same guidelines and methodologies for maintaining distance and separation whenever possible will be followed for gameplay as is detailed for practices.

If Illinois does not move to “Phase 4: REVITALIZATION” leaving enough time to accomplish the ~6 week season planned for, we still have the option to potentially have an earlier start to fall ball. Should that happen, we will take everyone’s situation case by case. We understand that not only the safety precautions and “rules of gameplay” are considered in each family’s decision to participate, but also the scheduling/timing of the season.

Regardless of Illinois’ move from Phase 2 to Phase 3 (and eventually to Phase 4), BYBL has decided that our concession stand remains closed for the 2020 Spring season, as an extra safety precaution. This was a particularly difficult decision as we had a couple of surprises in store for everyone.

We can’t thank you enough for your patience!